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Parent’s Resources

Parent's Resources

Find below useful link for different workshops provided by Region of Peel Children’s Services  for parents and families. You can visit the website by clicking Region of Peel Children’s Services.

Children can become picky eaters for a number of reasons. Some children are naturally more sensitive to taste, smell and texture. Other children develop picky eating habits by modeling their parents’ fussy eating habits. Picky eating habits are more likely to develop when parents punish, bribe or reward their children’s eating behaviors. The goal for feeding a picky eater should be to try new foods and to keep food from starting a battle.

Follow this resource to learn more Picky Eaters.

Pay close attention to immunizations need of your child. Keep a watch on most recent immunization schedules.

Follow this resource to lean more Child Illness and Immunizations


Brain development of a child needs more than healthy food and better school. There are other factors also that need to be consider to make sure whole-some brain development.

Learn more about this at Brain Development

When kids are outdoors, it’s important to protect their skin from too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays), which can lead to skin damage, aging, and eye injury and other problems.

Learn more about how what preventive steps can be taken at Sun Safety

When it comes to toilet learning, every child is different. Some children are ready as young as 18 months, but most start between 2 and 4 years of age. As a parent, it’s your job to be patient and follow your child’s cues through each step of the process.

Learn more about it at Toilet Training.

Big Jobs are indoor and outdoor jobs children do with their families (or others) that help the whole family. They include tasks like setting the table, planting flowers, and tidying up when visitors are coming.

Learn more about how can you involved your kid in Big Jobs At Home here.


It is important to eat a variety of healthy foods each day and adapt the guidelines to individual nutritional needs. Canada’s Food Guide promotes healthy eating habits for all Canadians of all cultures.

Learn more about this at Canada’s Food Guide.