123 TLC Preschool

Health And Nutrition

Health and Nutrition

We are dedicated to taking care of our children’s physical, mental & social well-being.

In-school professionals are trained to go above and beyond in making sure every individual child’s health and dietary needs are met. All meals are prepared on-site using fresh ingredients carefully avoiding cross-contamination considering your child’s dietary needs.

The menu is nutrient-rich, designed to meet children’s essential needs in accordance with the Child Care Early Year Act Manual and Canada’s Food Guide. We accommodate all dietary restrictions & allergies. 

Sample Menu
Morning snack
Milk & cereal, toast, cheese sandwich, whole wheat bagels, banana muffins
Noodles, Chicken/ lentils biryani, tofu soup
Afternoon Snack
Vegetables & dip, trail mix, crackers & cheese
We combine proper nutrition with exercise which is essential for the busy minds and bodies of our children.

Our educators prioritize physical activity in our curriculum to build confidence, decrease stress, and increase self-regulation skills among our children. We do that by encouraging physical literacy such as walking, running, balancing, jumping etc. We are also excited to mention that our program incorporates yoga that has been scientifically proven to elevate focus and calmness among children during class in a healthy manner.